Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Giants fan's Jets recap

I know that I love the Giants. I know that I hate the Cowboys and Eagles. I know that I am slightly pro-Jets. I also know that I have absolutely no emotion for or against the New York Titans, who took the field against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. So without further ado, here is a die hard Giants fan's take on the game that increased the New York Jets record to 2-2 and raised the New York Titans 2008 record to 1-0.

Defense: B+= the only thing more hideous than the New York Titans uniform is the offensive display that the Cardinals, mainly Kurt Warner, put forth in the first half. He was being as careless with the football as Sarah Palin is with the words in the English language. His decision making, most notably on a short sideline throw which was telegraphed by 2nd year standout db out of Pitt Derelle Revis and returned for 6. Still, give the Jets D credit for turning over Warner so frequently which largely helped the jets offense score 27 points in the 2nd quarter. (plus the 7 scored by Revis). Ellis and Jenkins brought good pressure and Man-genius called a strong defensive 1st half. However because they were clearly playing a bend slowly and break defense in the 2nd half, the Jets allowed the Cards to score 21 quick points in the 2nd quarter to cut the lead to 34-21. As I and many NFL fans say, the only thing prevent defense prevents you from doing is winning.

Offense A= The Jets played a virtually flawless offense game. Farve had his most prolific passing game in years throwing for a fairly robust total of 289 yards and an amazingly impressive 6 TD's. As Beningo and Roberts detailed on Monday, Farve made several deep throws that Chad could only make in his dreams. It appears that Laverneunce Coles has finally gotten over losing his best pal (who named his son after him) to the rival Fish and has began to embrace catching balls thrown by a Hall of fame, albeit media sensationalized, Quarterback.

Coaching B+= The offensive game plan was obviously well crafted. The Jets and Farve attacked a mediocre secondary and Marty's son finally took the diapers off Farve and allowed him to throw deep on a consistent basis. The defensive game plan was excellent in the first half when they applied great pressure on the very slow footed QB Warner. However, the 2nd half game plan of bend and slowly break prevent defense nearly proved cataclysmic. The Cards scored 21 quick points thanks in part to a successful onside kick and gave the loud Jets fans at Tonic a good scare. (if they were Mets fans also they must have actually been shitting themselves at that point)


Mahatma said...

See allowing 35 points shouldn't warrant a B+ grade at all. Sure Warner gave it up like a highschool prom date but still.

The Cards could drive at will on the Jets in the 2nd half. It's one of those A+ first half/D 2nd half grades.

White Boy South Bronx said...

To me, a scholar, a B+ is a poor grade.