Friday, October 3, 2008

Devo's Picks (4-4)

Seattle +7 over NY GIANTS

Like Mahatma and most of America has said, the Giants are the best team in football. The team has a few spectacular players but mostly is as good as it is due to a surplus of steady players providing great depth. But at the same time, this is troublesome for Giants fans who are generally pessimistic and bitter like myself. One thing that remains more true in the NFL than any other league is that whenever a team is consistently praised one week, it generally gets embarrassed the next week. So on this front, the Giants are game for an upset.


Who have the Giants actually beaten? First, they beat a Redskins team that fits the old adage 'Your week 1 performance means shit.' Then they beat the Rams/Bengals combo that is a combined 0-8 thus far. The Rams game was close for 3 quarters, and the Bengals should have probably beaten the Giants. So throw in the fact that Seattle is getting their top two wide receivers back while the Giants are voluntarily losing theirs, and it looks like there's a close game, if not a home loss to be had. But screw it. ELI. IS. GOD. and he'll pull it out late.
Giants 27
Seattle 24

New England (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO

'Twas a good one week run I had with the 49ers as my sleeper pick, but I'm out. At some point J.T. O'Sullivan had to start playing like the bartender he should have been right? Oh, and you know how some coaches use the bye week to give their players a vacation in Mexico while others use it to make adjustments and fix what isn't working? Well, let's just say that Belichek fits into the second category. And two weeks after his team was a national punchline, he's going to have them as ready as they're ever going to be. They won't all be easy, but this one will be. Expect the Patriots defense to outscore the SF offense.

New England 24
San Francisco 6


White Boy South Bronx said...

There is no way we are best team in NFL. Like, you said we beat 2 bad teams and 1 team that was in week 6 of the pre-season. We are a balanced team yes but maybe the 4th or 5th best team not best. But if we beat Seattle this week handily without Plax, I will change my mind.

devo said...

I don't disagree. But I do like hearing the NFL experts like Mahatma and Peter King saying we are.

But when you think about it, who's better? If this team's biggest weakness is Webster's and Ross's INT total and the fact that we don't always score in the red zone, then we're probably the best right now.

Oh, and we'd destroy Tennessee and Buffalo.