Friday, October 3, 2008

White Boy's week 5 picks (5-3)

So my 3 week hot streak to start the year has come to a screeching halt. Still, if me picking the Cowboys has a 100% correlation with Cowboy losses throughout the rest of the season, sign me up. So here it is the Whitest of White picks for this a week 6 in the league where they play................. for pay (Thanks Francessa for allowing me to use your trademark phrase)

Buffalo "Circle the Wagons" Bills (4-0) vs. Arizona "Don't call them Phoenix" Cardinals (2-2) (-1):

B.I.G must be loving life right now. He has lost a ton of weight making him irresistible to me (move over Barack!) and his Bills are 4-0 and have a big fat 2 game lead in the win column over the closest competition in the AFC Least. They have a knack for the big play on both sides of the ball and continue to do just enough to win every week. Jaron is an early choice for coach of the Year and should win this honor hands down if his club wins the AFC Least. The Cardinals have played well at home but awful on the road. The sign of a very average team. They have great weapons at the receiver spot and thank G-d Anquon Boldin is okay after that scary play last week vs the Jetropolitans. However it still looks as if its defense is mediocre at best. Ken Cheesinhut is not overwhelming any of us with his in game "strategery". However, once again I am going to defy logic and go with the home team due to my belief that the Bills are not quite good enough to be 5-0. Though look where that got me last week..... THE PICK: Cardinals (23-20)

Chicago Bears (2-2) (-3.5) at Detroit Lions (0-who gives a fuck this team is horrible)

So the Lions finally fired the only GM that makes Scott Layden and Isaiah Thomas say "hey at least I am not as bad as that guy". the Lions is still the worst team in the NFC. It has a big mouthed QB that is average at best, 1 great wide out and a horrid defense. The Bears fans will be angry going into this game as its two baseball teams will likely be eliminated by kickoff time. While Chisox fans can say to themselves, "hey at least we won in 2005" Cubs fans can take no such solace. They will be left with a strange combination of emotions: (1) I can't believe even this team couldn't get to the second round of the playoffs, (2) I really am not surprised. We are cursed. Luckily, they will be a tad happier by the time the Bears have finished thrashing the Lions. The Bears defense, while being highly overrated and having a penchant for choking away big 4th quarter leads, is still talented enough to pick off Kitna a few times Sunday. Grossman, I mean Orton, (like it matters) won't lose the game for Chicago and its defense will win it to raise the spirits a bit of an otherwise crestfallen windy city. THE PICK: Bears (23-10)

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