Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last I checked it was 4-3 Tampa in 4th but now the game is probably over: Belated Tampa Chisox posting of series preview written during a boring class

So yea the guy who comes up with the names is on vacation. Anywho.......

Sorry for the photo Mets fans. I swear this is not to dump on you all. Mike Francessa has done quite enough of that.

Do I pull for my man Barack’s Chisox or Dick Vitale’s D-rays? If the choice of which team to root for and/or pick to win the series was contingent upon choosing the more awesome celebrity, then this would be a no brainer. Dicky V’s searing and mind numbing voice has ruined Duke Basketball games for decades. Obama, as you know is one of my all time favorite political figures. However, the decision on who to root for and/or pick might be better made as a result of my allegiance to the Yanks and the realization that Tampa is simply a better team respectively.

I guess as a Yanks fan I should root for the team that made it impossible for us to make the playoffs this year...Tampa has a fantastic and dominant big 3 of Shields, Kazmir and Garza at the front of the rotation. They have a lineup that does not scare anyone on paper but has a knack for the big hit. The less hateable of the two Sox has a big 3 of its own; only its big 3 is in the middle of its lineup. The triumvirate of Thome, Dye and Konerko should scare any pitcher and Chicago has the better closer in this series since former Angel closer and current D-rays finisher Troy Percival is inactive for this series. However, big time power pitching almost always out does big time power hitting in October (just ask A-rod and Giambi). Tampa’s big 3 is also fairly young which makes it likely that the members of its big 3 will each go deep into the game ironically ala the Chisox staff in 2005. Those WhiteSox teams didn’t win with power ball but with its starters dominating games. Expect the D-rays to take a page from the 2005 WhiteSox and ride its starting pitching at least to the ALCS

THE PICK: D-rays 3-1

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