Friday, October 3, 2008


Anyone watch the debate last night? Is it just me, or did you too want to bend Gov Palin and drill her over that podium and have her beg for your oil all over her face? (inaaapropriaate!) When it comes to politics I have no idea what’s going on. I usually let Devo explain the basics to me (Republican – bad; Democrat – good). I say f*** politics and bring on Week 5!

Now I have the privilege of displaying images of the bodacious broad Carmela Decesare Garcia. Don’t worry Carmela, it sounds like your husband might be the starting quarterback again real soon. If I’m Mike Shanahan, I wouldn’t really give a shit about what Al Davis has to say. (His team is in last place.) I’d be more focused on game film of how your team let the Kansas City Chiefs run all over you last week. Tampa Bay is led by the never aging Derrick Brooks on defense but I think the Broncos pass attack is too much for he and his teammates to handle. Brian Griese would love to stick it his old team……but he sucks. Denver always plays well at home and the mountain air will be too much for the Bucs.

Denver 30, Bucs 23

Poor Kim Kardashian got sent home from “dancing with the overrated stars” this week. Hopefully that means more time for her to attend Saint games to root for her fiancĂ© Reggie Bush. I hope she brings the same luck as Jessica did for Tony Homo. Sedric Ellis is out for the next 4 weeks leaving a big hole along the Saints defensive line. Adrian Peterson must be licking his lips knowing he’s going up against a porous run-defense. Expect Drew Brees to have over 50 pass attempts in this one as the Saints will be trying to play catch-up all game long. If the Viking lose this one they will be 1-4 and it’ll be very tough for them to climb out of that hole to get into the playoffs. I think Childress will have his team ready to play Monday night and back in the saddle in the NFC north.

Minnesota 34, Saints 20

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divalatina83 said...

“Dancing with the Overrated Stars” is a good nickname for DWTS, but “Dancing with the Most Overrated ‘Stars’ of All Time Except for the Well-Known Personalities” is even better.