Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brooklyn Hillbilly (4-2) Has More Foreign Policy Experience Than Sarah Palin: The Week 4 Picks

Whats with the Nazi salutes?

Philadelphia(-3, 39.5) at Chicago
Look out Kyle, the rush is coming. Now, Philly's pass rush probably wont be as effective as it was last week, since the Bears don't have 5 ten year old girls blocking for them. But I wont bore you with my breakdown of the 15 Couric dump that the Steelers offensive coordinator and the offensive line took at the Linc last week. Suffice it to say that the Philly D looked tough regardless of Pittsburgh's failings. The big loss coming out of that game for the Eagles was losing Brian Westbrook for at least this week. This puts more pressure on the injured shoulders(and chest) of McNabb. Luckily, they are playing Kyle Orton and the Bears. I think the D can win this game for Philly, provided Donovan can get a rhythm and a couple passes off to Reggie Brown. I don't think this will be a grind it out game, Chicago's D plays the run too well, but they cant defend the pass for shit, so look for Philly to go to the air early and often. Philly keeps the ball rolling 21-10.

Your 2008 Tennessee Titans

Minnesota at Tennessee(-3, 35.5)
I'm starting to get pissed off at the Vikings. I picked them to win the NFC North and now they have Gus "Butthead" Frerotte starting at QB. I'm not sure what it is about some teams in this league(let alone this division), but they just don't take the QB position seriously. Frankly, the only reason the Titans get the standard 3 point house edge is that they don't care about QB either. Kerry Collins vs Gus Frerotte, interesting matchup in 1996, an abomination in 2008. The two offenses are going to put up similar numbers, with the advantage going to Minny because of the ever present threat of AP getting some space and tearing off some big ones. That means the defenses will decide this game and it is there that the Titans win this game. I know that the Titans have played 2 shitty teams, but their pass D will make Brad Childress and Ziggy(not gonna look up the proper spelling) Wolf regret going into the season without a decent QB on the roster. I still like the Vikings as a person, but as a certified NFL analyst, I have to pick the Titans to win a tough one 20-14.

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