Friday, September 26, 2008

Mahatma's Pick (4-2)

Browns (+3.5) @ Bungles

Cincinnati is going out of there to way to dispel the notion that any AFC North team that finishes in 3rd place the year before ends up winning the division. But hey I guess if Marvin Lewis was your coach you’d be 0-3 also. Heck if Romeo Crennel was your coach, you’d probably be 0-3 too. Oh man so what happens when you have 2 idiots coaching against each other? It’s basically a reenactment of two chimps pissing on each other. The Bungals actually look like they are returning from the dead as they took the Giants to the limit and looked to actually get into a sort of rhythm.

Cleveland meanwhile looks horrendous. I mean getting destroyed by Baltimore is never fun but getting embarrassed by some rook QB with Derek Anderson looking like feces in the process. Now we have all the idiots by the lake yelling for Brady Quinn. Wasn’t Derek Anderson one of the best QBs in the AFC two weeks ago? Apparently he's not anymore according to Mark "expert" Schelereth.

Regardless, I see Carson "Cornhole" Palmer leading the Bungs to yet another loss and Cleveland WINS sending the entire city into orgy filled incestfest.

Cleveland– 35
Cincy – 31

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