Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Games Left.

With the help of unlikely candidates Ramon Martinez and Robinson Cancel and an AMAZING slide by Ryan Church, the Mets were able to come back (yet again) from what would have been (another) heart breaking loss. The low point of the game was obviously when Rincon gave up the demoralizing three run homer right after Pedro left to a rousing salute from the crowd. That could have been his last start at Shea as a Met (ever? I'm hoping for that...sorry man). I saw all of that debacle in my little mini picture-in-picture (with the Office on the big screen- tv shows need sound, sports don't) and flung my remote at the screen when it all happened. Luckily, the comeback was mounted and the boys then won it in walk-off fashion with the help of Reyes and Beltran. Don't worry, I let the DVR take over for all of that and watched the game on the big screen. I could breathe easily again (after about 2 hours).
So here's where we stand: the Mets are tied with those pesky Brewers for the Wild Card. The Phillies lead the Mets by1 game in the NL East. The Mets will end the season with three games against the Marlins at Shea. The Phillies will end the season with three games against the Nationals in Philly. The Brewers will end the season with three games against the Cubs in Milwaukee. On paper, the Phillies and Mets should have an easier time, but who knows what kind line-ups the Cubs will put out there with their Division secured and the playoffs so close. The Marlins hate the Mets and will definitely not roll over for them. The Mets lead the season series 9-6. The Nationals also might not prove to be such an easy opponent for their NL East rival Phillies-- I hope. The Phillies lead that series 9-6. Don't forget about the forecast for the weekend- lots of rain. Ohh, man. I'll be back with more tomorrow...

Oh and, I have gotten a lot of compliments for all of the great Mr. Met pictures I've put up. I have to give credit to this site for the pictures. I'm sure someone will fix that so it is an actual link. If not, copy and paste.
Stay dry.

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