Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Weekend Picks!

For the record, why do they call it Black Friday? If anything it should be White Friday with all the vanillas running up massive debts on their credit cards and smacking me over the head as they lunge for Gears of War 2 or Rock Band 2. Social commentary aside, let's get to some picks!

Chi Town @ Minnesota (-3.5)

Good ole fashioned SMASH mouth NORRIS football baby! I really fucking hate Chris Berman. Oh well. Dude, I don't understand how half of the Minnesota Vikes are still playing. Their entire DT tandem should be suspended now for Merriman'ing but Goondell continues to be selective with the ole rules. Oh right, i forgot, he's only in bed with Robert Kraft. My bad.

Anyway, the Vikes are poised to go on a roll not seen since DCULP was riding shotgun with his roll on. It's about time. The Vikes were the ones supposed to come out of the division with relative ease right? but they haven't yet. Here comes the Kyle Orton Experience to battle it out but alas, poor Kyle doesn't have the goods to keep this going. Sure it was a feel good hit of the Fall but this is winter now bitches and Adrian Peterson will run amuck like he did last year.

Will I watch some of this game? Probably but dude DEXTER is kicking ass in season 3 and will likely occupy most of my time.

Minnesota - 27
Chicago - 17

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texas (-3)

WHOA WHAT A GREAT MONDAY NIGHT GAME. JEEZ I might as well just TIVO this insta-classic and relive this monumental contest for the foreseeable future. For god's sake can we get some flex scheduling on this too? I'd rather see Giants vs. Skins or Jets/Broncos or Steelers/Pats but nooo. We get HOUSTON!

YIPPY! Jacksonville has more or less packed it in this season. They got crushed by Tennessee and than smacked upside the head by Minnesota at home. Houston meanwhile has crawled back from the dead and march toward respectability after some stunning wins over... Cleveland.

Oh jeez. Even Kordell Garrard can't screw this one up.

Jags - 27
Houston - 21

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