Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Can you feel it? Could it be? A Jets/Giants Superbowl!?!? Well arguably both the Jets and Giants are playing the best overall football right now, but I’m going to go ahead and say no. As great as the Jets have been playing there are still a few teams who pose a threat and can beat them; Steelers, Colts, Patriots, and Titans. I know, you’re like “but the Jets just manhandled Tennessee.” This is true and you should have seen the fangasm I had after they won. Titans are still a really good team. Minus those drop passes and penalties I think they can play a lot better football and be extremely competitive. If Jets want to stand a chance at advancing deeper into the playoffs they really need to secure that 1st round bye. Who knows, if the Titans really are a bust the Jets could quite possibly finish with the best record in the AFC and clinch Homefield!

And for the record Devo, this Jet fan has no beef with the Giants....currently. I even have an "18-1" t-shirt, which is probably the closest thing to a Giants jersey I'll ever own. I'll usually root for the Giants if the Jets season is pretty much done (which it has been many of times). I think the dream of beating the Giants in the Superbowl is every Jet fan's dream. I'm sure it works the same for Giant fans as well (stop me if I'm wrong).


The Jets clearly dominated this game from the start and never looked back. During this current 6 game winning streak they have successfully scored everytime on their initial possession. I've been a Jet fan probably since the early to mid 90's and I can't recall ever witnessing such a delicacy. Coming into the game both defenses were in the top 5 against the run. Jets stood up to the task and held the Titans to 45 yards on the ground. Tennessee's front 7 however were overpowered by a Jets offensive line that gets better and better each week, yielding 192 yds to Washington and Jones. Jets lead the Titans in some important key categories:

Time of Possession: 40:30 19:30

3rd Down Comp: 7 / 13, 4 / 11

First Downs: 28, 16

Favre was great at spreading the field and using the short passing lanes and finding his open targets. With that and the running game the Jets just wore the Titans defense down. Albert Haynesworth still showed why he's probably the best defensive player in the NFL but Mangold and company did a great job on containing him for a good portion of the game.

Kris Jenkins and company did a great job at getting their hands in Collins' face and applying pressure. This forced Kerry to rush some of his passes, throw behind some of his receivers and leave him uncomfortable in the pocket all game. It also didn't help that in the first half alone his receiving corp had 6 dropped passes. And the Jets are only going to get better. David Harris has been out the last 4 games with a leg injury and he's due to return when the Jets host Denver. This will move Bowens back to DE where he's a much better pass rusher than inside linebacker.

Moving On

Do I think it's a statement to the rest of the NFL that the Jets are a team to reckon with? I sure hope so. But the Oakland game is still a burdon in my memory. Jets have a favorable schedule for the rest of the season with 2 games against the Seahawks and 49ers who combined are 4-19. Something in my gut is telling me that one of these teams can hurt the Jets. All I'm saying is that I really hope their success doesn't go to their heads and they get too overly confident for the rest of the season. When it comes to the Jets, there's a lot for which to be thankful (Kris Jenkins, Leon Washington , Dustin Keller etc.). Happy Thanksgiving SUS and to all my 1 readers out there

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devo said...

If I had to list a Top 20 NFL Letdowns, probably 18 of the 20 would be from the Fassel era and the other two, probably somewhere towards #14ish would be a)the Jets AFC Championship loss and b)seeing Vinny writhing in pain against the Pats in '99 and knowing that their season was done by the second quarter. Which is to say that yeah, some Jets losses have really gotten me down. Plus the Giants were amazingly mediocre that year, outside of giving Denver their first loss.