Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fredo Picks Thanksgiving Special!

Tennessee (-11) at Detroit

Devo: Detroit continues to take all of our tax dollars. Lucky for me, the unemployed don't pay taxes. Pick: Detroit
Mahatma: Clash of the Titans was a great movie. Lion King may get the hype but you can't go wrong with claymation: Pick: Tennessee
: T-T-T-T-ennesee. Great song by a great group. Pick: Tennessee

Seattle (+12.5) at Dallas
Devo: Has anyone read Boys Will Be Boys? This book may be the Catcher in the Rye of our generation. Pick: Dallas
: Jessica Simpson is hot. Pick: Dallas
: Cowboys have guns and I think Seahawks are endangered. Pick: Dallas

Arizona (-3) at Philly

Devo: Philly has cheese steaks. Arizona has John McCain post-nomination barbecues. Pick: Philly
: I like cheese steaks and all but nothing beats some ice tea. Pick: Arizona
: Where is it written that Thanksgiving games have to suck? Obama needs to do something about this. Pick: Arizona

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