Friday, November 28, 2008

Devo's Picks (10-14)

Say hello to the only thing that Jeff Garcia will ever have over Elisha Manning.

And the theme of this week's picks is...TEAMS THE GIANTS WON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH IN JANUARY. Onto the picks!

New Orleans (+4.5) over TAMPA
First predictions of their games vs. the Giants in January.

New Orleans vs. Giants January 11, 2009

Hey MVP candidate Drew Brees, have fun with your single season passing yards record on a 30 degree evening accompanied by the swirling Meadowlands winds. And Reggie Bush may get his, but he aint beating the Giants by himself. But what can withstand the Giant Stadium winter weather? EARTH WIND AND FIRE.
Giants 37 Sants 19

Tampa vs. Giants January 11, 2009
Please. When no one thought the Giants were any good, almost a year ago to the day of this game, the Giants completely took care of business against an average-at-best Tampa team. Now? The Giants are real good.
Giants 45
Tampa 7

But as for the game being played on Sunday...
I don't really care who wins this game. But because Tampa does everything slightly better than average and New Orleans has a phenomenal passing attack, let's give this game to the team who excels in a specific area.
New Orleans 31
Tampa 28

Atlanta (+4) over SAN DIEGO

To continue with our theme:
Atlanta vs. Giants, January 11, 2009

Matt Ryan, meet the Giants pass rush and a pumped up NY crowd jacked up for its first home playoff game in 8 years.

Giants 45
Atlanta 6

I'm not going to bother reviewing San Diego/Giants because that would assume that they make the playoffs. And while a San Diego loss this week doesn't officially knock them out of the playoffs, it should solidify their status as a team with an obscene amount of talent and an awful coach that has no business finishing worse than 10-6. And yet, 7-9 awaits. Matty Ice will get destroyed in New York in January, but accompanied by ex-Charger Michael Turner, Atlanta will take care of business.

Atlanta 27
San Diego 23

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