Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Angry White Scarface Viewer

Look, I'm sure there are bigger inaccuracies with Scarface, but as someone who isn't a chainsaw expert, I'll stick with what I know. What's the deal with Robert Loggia aka Frank Lopez? I'm 95% sure he has a Jewish star around his neck, and yet he talks with a Cuban accent. Can Frank Lopez be a Cuban Jew? Possibly, but let's assume that Oliver Stone didn't have a Cuban Jew in mind when he penned this tsunami of a flick. What do I think happened you ask? No, we never said that. Can we leave now? Well, I'm glad you asked. I think Loggia pulled an Anti-Cruise. Tom Cruise in Valkyrie, instead of adopting a German accent, prefers to speak in his own non-regional diction, hoping others will adopt it as their own. Loggia, on the other hand, went above and beyond the call of duty: he assumed that because he was in South Florida, acting with Cubans, it was his duty to adopt a Cuban accent. And if not a Cuban accent, it was his job to speak with whatever-the-hell accent Pacino adopted. And Brian DePalma and Oliver Stone? Too coked out in their own right to tell the difference between Fidel Castro's accent and my late Grandfather.

(Oh, and I know talking about bad/over acting in Scarface and focusing on Frank Lopez is like blaming the Holocaust on Hitler's personal secretary, but I stand by it.)

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