Friday, January 9, 2009

Why the Giants won't win

(1) No one can stop Brian Westbrook- I am still traumitized by the 4th quarter 3rd and 11 touchdown pass to Westbrook which put the game away. I don't see that changing much honestly. Westbrook is too fast for our back 7. He will dominate this game and lead the Eagles to victory.

(2) The Eagles secondary is wayyyyyy better than the Giant's receiving corps- Plaxico Burress is not walking through that door, and if he did he'd probably have an ankle bracelet, which would really cut down on his breakaway speed. Hixon, won't get open against Ashanti Samuel and Toomer won't get open against Sheldon Brown either. Eli won't have much of a chance to find any open receivers to throw to.

(3) Antonio Pierce's head is still not in the game- Until he shows me that he starts playing like the pre shooting incident Pierce, I will assume he will have 2-3 mental guffaws a game. That was 2 too many in the regular season matchup and it will be 2 too many this Sunday as well. With a team as well coached and mistake free as this Eagles team is, you can't afford to miss assignments when you are the QB of the defense.

(4) In a field position game you can't have short kickoffs- With cold and/or inclement weather expected on Sunday, you can't afford to allow the other team to start possesions at the 40 yard line. This will create a huge field position advantage for the opposing team in a likely low scoring game. Carney is a great field goal kicker but he needs to be spelled on kickoffs by Tynes in order to allow the Giants defense some breathing room. Since I don't expect Coughlin to activate Tynes, I don't expect the Giants to win the criticial field position battle.

(5) I'm suffering from Eagle's phobia- Yea, the first 4 reasons notwithstanding, I just get freaked out by the Eagles and always have. I thought I was cured of Eagles phobia after last year's seaosn sweep but that week 13 game ruined all that. So yea Devo, you are wrong!!

Pick: Eagles, 27-16

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