Sunday, January 4, 2009

A weekend of football and other assorted events

So has anyone else ever been to Brother Jimmy's during a big Eastern Carolina University game? Apparently the Brother Jimmy's on 31st & 8th is home to your Eastern Carolina Pirates? White Boy and I were first downstairs watching the game. Our first thought after seeing a slight buzz following the Eastern Carolina touchdown was Um, there are some real degenerates here. Seriously, who the hell cares about a January 2nd bowl game involving a non North/South Carolina? Then we go upstairs, find ourselves in the alumni section, and well, let's just say you haven't lived until you've led 5 or 6 'HERE'S TO THE GREAT STATE OF EAST CAROLINA' cheers.

But why was I in the city on this Friday? Devo, I really don't care. White Boy had an extra ticket to Knicks/Pacers. Harrington! Troy Murphy! Pacers/Knicks, just like the old days! And if that's not true, well, the uniforms still looked the same. A quick story before we get into the game: White Boy and I were in Vegas about 4 years ago, playing blackjack at the Bellagio. Next to White Boy sat Luke Schenscher, the former 7 foot Australian who helped lead Georgia Tech to the 2004 NCAA finals. The only thing I remember from our lone Vegas celebrity sighting was White Boy speaking to Schenscher and asking him "What ever happened to Jarrett Jack?"

Fast forward to 2008 and we certainly found Jarrett Jack. Not only was he on the Pacers. Not only were the Pacers up for 7-11 points the whole game, but Mr. Jack was leading the team in scoring. And when the Knicks semi-miraculously came back to take the lead with a few seconds left, who was there to make the winning shot as time expired? Yup. Jack. There's Jarrett Jack White Boy.

And not for nothing, but for a game played by an irrelevant (for 130 more games) Knicks team, against an equally irrelevant Pacers team, the Garden truly erupted when the Knicks took the lead in the fourth quarter. I realize that a stadium is supposed to erupt when a team takes a lead in the 4th quarter, but I was still impressed with how loud the arena was at that point. Kudos to you, Knicks fans. And remember, only 130ish games.

And now, a few irreverent ramblings to pave the way for Tuesday Morning Mahatma:

Props to Arizona, proving once again that they're a fantastic 75 degree team.

You know what would be worse than being a Colts fan right now? Being a Colts fan and watching the Sunday games, and seeing about 10 Peyton Manning commercials.

Can we please start calling him LDT and stop giving him the same name as a linebacker who was so good that they created the "sack" stat to record his greatness? NFW LT misses that game, even if he needs a Bonds-esque diet of Horse trancs in order to walk.

And not for nothing, but are we sure that LDT and Chris Mortenson aren't conspiring to make up new body parts for LDT to injure?

You know who I wouldn't want to be on Sunday? My cousins, representative of approximately 1/3 of Florida: diehard Dolphin fans, diehard Da' U fans. Must've been awkward watching once-beloved Ed Reed singlehandedly destroy your team, especially with Willis McGahee and Ray Lewis cheering him on. But you know whats worse? Being the other 2/3 of Florida, UF or FSU fans and seeing the always-hated Ed Reed to said damage.

And lastly, props to Philly for showing that when you don't put out your second team defense, Minnesota isn't that good.

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is NFW an official acronym? I have not seen that previously