Saturday, January 10, 2009


Tennessee Titans (-3) vs. Baltimore Ravens

I wish the Jets defense could be as good as either of these two teams. Titans and Ravens played against each other back in October and Tennessee barely pulled away with the win. In fact it was a bullshit late hit penalty called on the Ravens that was the deciding factor. The Titans have something to prove. They are the #1 seed and aren't getting the respect they feel they deserve.

I like the Titans at home, even if it is with Kerry Collins at quarterback. I'd much rather have he than rookie Joe Flacco. But this game will be all defense. Titans aren't as healthy as the Ravens but still I think Haynesworth and Vandenbosch will do everything in their power to suit up for this game.
Titans 16, Ravens 10

Carolina Panthers (-10) vs. Arizona Cardinals

Carolina - PRO's and CON's

- Homefield advantage (8-0 during the season)

- Best running game in the NFC next to the Giants

- Defense can't stop the run.

- The secondary has given up big plays to just about all wide receivers

- Jake Delhomme goes down, season is over

Arizona - PRO's and CON's

- Definitley the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL with Fitzgerald and Boldin

- Kurt Warner has played like an MVP

- Coming off a big win against Atlanta where they contained Michael Turner all game

- Anquan Boldin is hurt and may not dress

- Antrel Rolle will have a hard time covering Steve Smith

- Their defense can't stop the Panthers rushing attack

To sum it up I like the Panthers to win at home. This game will have lots of offense but it will be closer than some people will think. If you're a betting man like I am not I would never pick against a double digit spread, unless it's Tom Brady and the massholes.

Panthers 37, Arizona 31


This will be my favorite game to watch this weekend. I don't think I need to evaulate this game anymore than WhiteBoy and Devo already have. I like the Giants at home with a healthy Brandon Jacobs leading the running game. Weather is going to be messy and ball security will be a huge concern for both teams.

Giants 23, Eagles 16


There aren't many things hotter than a hot chick hunched over with a football in her hands. But I like my women like I like my milk, white. I'll take pale white over dark and tan anyday.

Steelers 27, Chargers 13


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Clearly you're in playoff mode with these photos. Nice.