Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, there's a National Title Game on tonight, but...

people I have spoken to are either
a) watching the continuation of the epic Pens/Preds rivalry
b) watching the continuation of the equally epic Devils/Preds rivalry
c) watching a repeat of the Office at 9. (which in case anyone hasn't noticed, is adequate, at best.)
d) watching a new 30 Rock at 930.
e) going bowling
f) making buffalo wings and eating them while NOT watching the UF/OU game.
g) meeting up with their favorite client #9 (pictured above)
Me? I'm doing b, and d. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably tune in to watch eventually, but only at halftime. And even then, probably only to see if either marching band can outdo previous collegiate marching bands who have done a Queen medley or a Led Zep medley. I'm expecting some band to do a 'really goddamn long song' medley of Freebird/Won't Get Fooled Again, if only because these marching bands can get away with that during the 30 minutes each band is alotted.

All of this is to say the obvious: the NCAA has to get their shit together. Forget about ending the BCS, that goes without saying. They need to play the game within the first 3-4 days of the year, when I still care about college football.

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