Friday, September 5, 2008

NFL picks week 1: NFC style

Now that the defending champs are an unimpressive 1-0, I can relax for 10 days and fully enjoy a Sunday with the BIG at an upper east side sports bar hoping his bills beat the Hasslebacks and that Brandon's Bradshaws has a good Sunday in our Straight up Sports fantasy league. Without further adieu.......

St. Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5)- Both teams are coming off very disappointing seasons. The Rams hoped to be at least competitive last season and the Eagles hoped to defend their NFC east crown from the 2006 season. Neither team came close to accomplishing their respective goals. The Rams have a nice big 3 on offense of QB Marc Bulger, RB Steven Jackson, (I hate that the Giants play against those 2 fantasy players of mine next week ugh!) and WR Torry Holt. Their D is awful though. The Eagles are much more balanced. They have an excellent defense stewarded by Jim Johnson off the field and Brian Dawkins on it. They have the best all around back in the NFC in Brian Westbrook and a solid, if not declining, QB in Donovan McNabb. The Eagles should roll over an inferior opponent. THE PICK: EAGLES (28-17)

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (-2.5)- These are 2 teams going in completely different directions. The Vikings are on the rise. They have a really good defense featuring the likes of Antoine Winfield at the Corner, savvy Veteran Darren Sharper at Safety, Jarred Allen manning a D-end spot and LB Chad Greenway. They also feature the great Adrian Peterson, the best pure running back in the NFC, and a very solid O line. The Packers are hoping Aaron Roger's years riding the pine and watching God, I mean Brett Farve, on the sideline won't hurt him too much in terms of his decision making this season. They have a nice defense featuring beast A.J. Hawk and the man who was completely undressed by Plaxico Burress in the NFC title game, Al Harris. The Pack have a respectable club and had a magical run to the NFC title game last year. However, it can't expect to succeed right away with the unproven Rogers running the show. Expect AP to run wild in the not so frozen Tundra and for Minnesota's ball hawking D to pick Rogers twice en route to a low scoring win. THE PICK: VIKINGS (win outright, 17-9)

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