Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some thoughts, nay, TRUTHS about the 2008 Giants.

-The biggest way that Bill Belichek has changed the game is by showing that it is important to convince your players that they are not respected. Somehow Belichek convinced the ’07, 18-0, record-setting Patriots that no one thought they were any good and that they had something to prove. Of course, most of the country actually thinks that the Giants championship was a fluke. And in New York, no one cares about any quarterback not named Brett Favre. All this is to say that while Coughlin should play the “no respect” tool to motivate his players, there’s a definite air of truth to it, both nationally, and in New York.

-Eli Manning probably won’t put up Pro Bowl numbers this year. When Eli was playing his best ball in January, he wasn’t putting up Peyton Manning numbers as much as he was putting up Phil Simms numbers. Let’s remember that the Giants scored no more than 24 points in any of the postseason games. As important as Eli is, he needs to manage games more than win them by himself.

-Other than Eli, who is the most important Giant this season? Corey Webster. He rose up from the ashes to catch what should have been Brett Favre’s last pass and became the Giants’ #1 corner during the stretch run. Without him, the Giants have the still-green-eventhough-he’s-almost-30-years-old Aaron Ross to go along with Sam Madison and his nearly 40 years. One has ability but no technique, the other has technique but is collecting Social Security. All this is to say that if Webster is a legitimate starting corner, our defense will continue its reign of terror. But if the Corey Webster who made Will Allen look talented shows up this season, the Giants season could end before Hanukah.

-Obviously the Giants will miss Osi and Strahan; to dwell on this is a waste of time. The real issues are whether they’ll miss Kawika Mitchell and Gibril Wilson. The SUS truth says that they’ll miss Mitchell somewhat but that Gibril will miss the Giants more than the Giants will miss Gibril. Certain SUS writers who frequently get stopped at airports think that Kawika was a product of the system, but I’m calling BS. The man was in on too many big plays last year to simply be a product of Spags’ system. And as for Gibril Wilson? He reminds me of a bunch of ex-Devils who leave for greener pastures and then regret leaving a fairly classy organization (PSL's notwithstanding) that treated them well. But hey, it’s the Raiders, they reek of class, I’m sure Gibril will be fine.

-The least important people to this current team are any one of Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward. You take away any one of these and the Giants still have one of the best running games in the NFL. You take away any two of these and the Giants’ running game is still in the top half. If all three are healthy, then someone’s talents are just going to waste. Anyone know if Derrick Ward can play outside linebacker?

-The Giants will finish somewhere between 12-4 and 5-11. Straight Up Sports: Always willing to go out on that limb!

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The SUS truth should stick with his day job.