Friday, October 24, 2008

Devo's picks (5-9)


Wow, Devo, weren't you above .500 in your picks very recently?
In a word, yes. But that's ok, because I've learned to use my Dan Orlovsky-like instincts for good. Onto the picks!

DALLAS (-2) over Tampa Bay

Dallas is due for a win, right? There's too much talent for them not to win, no? And Jeff Garcia is still in the league? He's a hack who never wins. But let's talk about Brad Johnson, who will be HELLBENT on revenge against his old team, where he won a Super Bowl in '02. That's right, Brad Johnson isn't just a very good quarterback, but a Super Bowl Champion quarterback! Jim McMahon and Trent Dilfer can tell you, the Super Bowl Champion quarterbacks don't just grow on trees. And let's remember, Brad Johnson beat the Raiders! The Raiders! Not just anyone beats the Raiders. Ask Brett Favre.

The Pick: Dallas 21-10. (Viva the Orlovsky instincts!)

PHILADELPHIA (-9) over Atlanta

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. Sorta. This has the feel of a game in which the awesome power of the Philly pass rush reminds the rest of the country that Matt Ryan is a rookie quarterback. I have absolutely no proof of this, but it seems that Philly has a larger proportion of blowout wins than any team each year. This seems like one of those games. And if I'm wrong, let the Orlovsky instincts move Philly that much farther away from a playoff spot!

The Pick: Philly 28-3

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