Friday, October 24, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (10-4)

Arizona Cardinals (+4) @ Carolina Panthers

Everyone is on the Cardinals jock after they beat the Cowboys and knocked out Tony Romo's pinky. Granted it was an impressive showing but that ladies and germs was the Cardinal superbowl. This team is notorious for sucking a fat one when they get hyped up. Moreover, they are horrendous on the road. Until this team wins a big road game, I will get on the bandwagon. Actually anything piloted by the great Ken Cheesenhunt and Russ Grimm I'll gladly stay away from. Carolina is also a very good football team at home because of those lovely kissing cheerleaders.

Carolina: 27

Arizona: 20

Cleveland Browns (+7) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Is this the game we see Brady Quinn? Is this the game we see the Browns offense return to glory? Is this the game where we finally the preseason AFC North Champions rise? Is this the game where the Cleveland defense resembles an NFL quality defense? Just when you think of the answer, I'll change the question.

The Jags are starting to look like a playoff team again and have been playing well with the team overall getting more healthy. Cleveland too has begun to look like a good team as they came back from the dead and almost stole a win against Washington. Derek Anderson should be on quite the short leash eventually right? He has played like utter filth all season and Drew Carey and friends are all crying for Brady Queen and why not? He's the backup QB -- the most popular guy in the city. Figures that the Browns would also suspend Kellen Winslow after their medical facility gave him a staph infection. I see a close game regardless as I think Cleveland has turned the corner and Jacksonville is still too one dimensional to pull away but they will win.

Jacksonville - 23
Cleveland - 20

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