Friday, October 24, 2008



The Jets don’t just need to win; they need to win BIG on Sunday. Chiefs are decimated with injuries at the quarterback position. Both Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard were placed on IR this week ending their seasons. That leaves Tyler “I’m not Yancy” Thigpen, whose NFL tenure as a starting QB this season has been brief and poor. Herm Edwards also decided to bench Larry Johnson for a second straight game (as a fantasy owner I’m pissed, but thank God I’ve got a trade pending to drop the WomenHaterz). These are good signs for the Jets. Why you ask must they win BIG? Next week they are away against their division rival Buffalo. The Bills are one of the best teams in the league right now and are currently first in the AFC East. A win there would be a big confidence boost for the Jets because the next stretch of their schedule will certainly be their toughest (BUF, STL, NE, DEN, TENN). Nothing can help a team bounce back more coming off a tough loss than facing a Chiefs club as bad as they are.
Chiefs are giving up a league worst 402 yards per game. The Jets need to establish the run and wear down the Chiefs defense. KC’s offense will struggle to move the ball on the ground against one of the best run defenses in the league. As long as Eric Smith and Kerry Rhodes can contain Tony Gonzalez I don’t see any other player on the Chiefs offense making a huge impact.
There isn’t a whole lot of excitement coming from the Jet players. They look tired, confused and agitated. This is not good considering: first, they are an above average team but not playing like one and secondly, its half way thru the season and the toughest part of their schedule begins next week. The Jets need to execute better and have a flawless victory or I can guarantee you that Mangini and company will be on the hot seat quicker than you can say “jam out with your clams out.”

Jets 27, Chiefs 6


Sure the titans schedule does look soft, but they are playing like one of the best teams in the league and beating these soft teams by a wide margin. Jeff Fischer is one of my favorite coaches in the NFL, if not all of sports and there’s good reason why he’s been a head coach for as long as he has. He’s an intelligent, laid-down to earth guy and when one of his players goes down with an injury he also will run on the field to make sure that they’re ok. Did you remember the “Music City Miracle” (Ah hah Buffalo)? I sure do, fanf*ckingtastic! Well even without their star QB Vince Young (overrated) he still has their team playing at an elite level under Kerry “I’m still a Redneck” Collins. They run the ball extremely well and are solid on defense.
I’m not sure what is up with the Colts. Before their meltdown against the Pack last week, they spanked what we thought was a good Baltimore Ravens team. Now they are going to Tennessee on Monday Night, hurting on both sides of the ball, going up against arguably the best team in the NFL. One more injury to a player on either side of the line and this team’s season is over. Colts are just way too inconsistent on defense and offense that you’re not sure which Indy team you’re going to get. But Manning is the best QB in the game (sorry Massholes, eat me). I think the Titans win the game but it’s going down to a field goal

Titans 16, Colts 13

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