Friday, October 24, 2008

White Boy South Bronx Week 8 Picks (9-5)

Buffalo (5-1) (-1.5) at Miami (2-4) - I have uncovered a new method for deciding which games I want to make picks for. During a boring class, I look at each game on the schedule and decide what I think the spread should be for that game. Then I go to a website on my doucheberry to find out what the spreads actually are. For any games for which my proposed spreads and the actual spread have a greater than 3 point disparity, I jump on that game. For this week, Buffalo at Miami is that game. I predicted that Buffalo, a 5-1 team, would be favored by at least four points give that its opponent is 2-4. However, I was stunned when I saw that the lowly Fish were only getting 1.5 points against the AFC’s second best team through week 6. I think this is an easy pick to make so I will make it. THE PICK: BILLS (24-13)

Giants (5-1) at Steelers (5-1) (-2.5) - If this game was a CD it would be called the battle for SUS (in the mold of the Rage against the Machine CD “Battle for Los Angeles.”) Devo and I are diehard Giants fans and Mahatma, BH and Yinzer are diehard Steelers fans. This represents 5/7, or for those of you fellow math nerds, 71.2% of our staff. However, if you expected this pick to invite trash talk and competitive banter between myself and the members of the Steeler nation, you will be sorely disappointed. I think the Giants are a very good team. I think it will win its division because of Dallas’s rash of injuries and volatile chemistry. It might even be the best team in the NFC. However, it has fared very poorly so far against AFC North competition. It got waxed by a mediocre and poorly coached Browns club and barely held on against the horrid Bungles. The Steelers are clearly the class of this division and are a member of the new Big 3 in the AFC which also features the 5-1 Bills and the 6-0 Titans. This probably is the only game the rest of the year I will go into definitely thinking the G-men will lose. The Steelers are probably only a slightly better team but I have to go on how much better Pittsburgh performed against the teams the Giants have already played from the AFC North. I also don’t like the Steelers dual receiving threat of Hines and Santonoio against a recently struggling Giants Secondary. Oh and Pittsburgh has been a good home team the last few seasons and this is as tough a place to play as any in the league. Even if Santonio and Willie don't play, I just see Eli making big mistakes against Pittsburgh's ball-hawking defense. These mistakes will likely cost his team the game the way it did against a much worse Brown's team. THE PICK: STEELERS (24-14)