Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 8 Fredo Picks!

Welcome once again to SUS's 2nd newest weekly literary feature, The Fredo Picks. Named after the ultimate forgotten brother in film history, we will strive to bring the laser-like analysis that has made SUS famous worldwide to some of the less illustrious NFL matchups because frankly they are awful. In this recession filled land, you need every edge to remain a leg up on the bill collector.

Oakland (+7) at Baltimore
Devo: Both of these towns blow, but at least it's warm in Oakland. Pick: Oaktown
BH: Mr. Russell, I'm Detective McNulty and you are under arrest. Wait in the interrogation room for my defense and my partner Bunk to beat the living shit out of you. Pick: Baltimore
Mahatma: Purple is the new black. Pick: Baltimore

St. Louis (+7.5) at New England
Devo: You know what's good? Sam Adams, especially his Oktoberfest. You know what sucks? Budweiser. Pick: New England
BH: I can easily say the highlight of my time in St. Louis was puking on a downtown street in the middle of the day after the World Cup final and noticing there wasn't anyone else in the city to notice. Pick: New England
Mahatma: St. Louis has at least shit to do there. Foxboro? Not so much. Pick: St. Louis

Seattle (+5) at San Francisco
Devo: I think Kurt Cobain owned a "I'm grateful Jerry's dead" t-shirt. And if he didn't, it's still a great shirt. Pick: Seattle
BH: Both are known for hippies, but at least in Seattle they sober up over coffee, however momentarily. Pick: Seattle
Mahatma: San Fran is known for hippies? I thought it was something else but I can’t quite put my finger on it….uh...that came out wrong. Pick: San Fran

Cincinnati (+9.5) at Houston
Devo: Cincinnati is such a lousy town that Cleveland apparently rocks in comparsion. Wow. Pick: Houston
BH: Nobody likes either of these places, but if "Boys will be Boys" has taught me anything, Texas chicks are easy. Pick: Houston
Mahatma: In Cincy, cornhole is the big thing. I don’t what the thing to do is in Houston but it’s probably better than a thing called cornhole. Pick: Houston


WhiteBoy at skool said...

Intereresting sidenote: Oakland and Baltimore are also practically touching two much more renown and nicer cities in San Fransisco and Washington D.C. Respectively, not to mention much more important NFL franchises in the Skins and 49ers.

Whiteboy at Skool said...

Also football wise,it is amazing that Seattle, perennial 2nd round or better team is now so terrible it is a 5 point dog at lowly San Fransisco. At least they have the Sonics??? oh right

SHMUCK said...

It's not that much warmer in Oakland than it is in Baltimore. WIndy as f()ck

devo said...

Is Whiteboy at Skool the new Curt in the Car?