Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sometimes it’s Embarrassing Being a Jet Fan

I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is a 49ers fan. We are working on a trade between San Fran and the Jets: Brett Favre and Brian Schottenheimer for JT O’Sullivan, Mike Martz and these 3 cheerleaders (gorgeous).
New coaches, new players, and the same identity continue to plague Jets' fans (and my wall which will stop me from getting my security deposit back). Year in and year out, the Jets lose games to opponents most pundits believe they should defeat. I can accept the losses to the Patriots and Chargers, but come on, the Raiders? Every season the Jets let one of these desperate teams beat them. The Jets took an aggressive approach in the offseason in an effort to catch up with the Massholes but not even the "Miracle Man" Favre himself can save Gang Green.
Whatsamatta U?
The Jets offense completely lacked aggressiveness. Their first drive started with a no huddle 5 receiver set and all they could muster were 6yd dump offs to Chris Baker. They continued this style of offense for their next couple of drives. If they're going to insist on the dumpoffs, shouldn't the Jets have just kept Chad? You have speed at the receiver position; throw the ball down field more. I'm starting to think Favre was only brought in as a marketing scheme to boost the sales of merchandising and to cover losses after this whole PSL garbage.

I don't think the Jets have been able to score a touchdown on their opening drive in over 2 seasons (look it up, I could be right). Raiders were missing their star pass rusher Derrick Burgess and yet they still manifested a solid pass rush against the revamped Jets O-line. The Raiders weakness are their linebacking corp. The Jets should'vee exploited them more over the middle with Dustin Keller but that wasn't in the playbook. I'll give credit where credit is due, the Raiders defense did not let the Jets beat them through the air, they refused to give up the big play and they succeeded.

The O-line's pass blocking was far worse than their run blocking. Favre got hit way too many times by a line that is getting paid wayyy too much to protect him. Woody got beat bad by the rookie Trevor Scott and Favre paid the price.

The Legs Feed the Wolf

Oakland, like any smart team with Jamarcus Russell behind center, was going to challenge the Jets run defense all day. New York hasn’t faced an opponent that was truly successful in the run game so this was going to be a challenge. The D was decent but allowed the Raiders to effectively move the ball and control the clock. Jamarcus Russell looked comfortable in the pocket and his decision making was precise. Even the Jets make the inexperienced QB’s look like all-stars. The defense clearly underestimated Russell’s ability to hit his receivers. The defensive line could not produce any pressure, sacking him only once.

Again the Jets go into halftime and come out not making the proper adjustments to counter their opponents gameplan. Both Jets lines got outplayed by their opponents and it was disgusting. Maybe they should have worn their throwback Jersey's (NO!).

Where Do We Go From Here
Do I think Mangini is losing control of the team? No. The players seem to go out there and play, but a lack of heart is evident. There are no head-cases like some other organizations have (Cowboys, Bengals, Chiefs etc). Most of the tools are there, they just don't work right on a consistent basis. If anyone is to blame I say it's the coaching staff and their playcalling. Schottenheimer is being conservative, coaching like Pennington is still here. Apparently their bye-week just wasn't enough for Favre to learn the material. They still are consistently calling the same plays and not mixing it up a lot (I counted at least 4 plays they did more than 4 times). What the Jets need is to upset a good team and gain some confidence. After the KC game their schedule gets pretty tough. If they lose to the Chiefs, they could be looking at a 3-6 record before their showdown with the Massholes in New England. Not good.

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