Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SUS Previews the World Series Part II: MissMet Edition

If you had told me in April that the 2008 World Series was going to be between the Philadephia Phillies and the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays, I would have looked at you with doubting eyes. The Phillies part I would have believed with resignation. I would have said something like, "It figures, those bastards," and then moved on to the fact that it was the Rays that they were going to play. We all know how unlikely that seems, even now. This is a great turnaround story. In fact, yesterday I was at an airport (it was either when I was in Austin, waiting to fly to Charlotte or in Charlotte, waiting to fly to was a long day) and I found a USA Today that was left behind. The paper compared the 2008 Rays to the 1969 Mets. The comparison found quite a few similarities. Both teams had had their own league's worst record 5 times before their World Series run. Both teams had a "Young flamethrower on the mound for the final out in the League Championship Series"- Nolan Ryan for the Mets and David Price for the Rays. Both teams played their Spring Training games at Al Lang Field in St. Petersburg, FL. The comparison even says that the fan base is, well, the same- New York area Baby Boomers for the Mets and Former New York area Baby Boomers for the Rays. The Mets went on to win that year, so will the comparison become even closer with the Rays winning this year? As much as I rooted for the Phillies waaaay back in 1993 against the Blue Jays (remember reliever Mitch 'Wild Thing' Williams with his mullet??), I absolutely do not want the World Series Champions to be the other team from the NL East.
Rays in six.


White Boy South Bronx said...

An alliance based on hatred of Philly sports; have that read, Eagles and Phillies hate respectively, need be formed until we resume hating on our respective New York baseball teams.

metmandave said...

It's easy for us Met fans to root for the Rays since they have three former Mets on their roster in Cliff Floyd, Chad Bradford and Scott "No, not for Zambrano" Kazmir...