Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 sports observations /rants: cause I feel like it

(1) Carlos Delgado absolutely positively sucks. He is a horrid fielder and a worse hitter at this stage in his career. He looks like he is completely disinterested in the field and can't even touch a 90 plus mph fastball. He is going the way of ex-Met great Roberto Alomar. Enjoy watching Moises Alou play first Carlos.

(2) The Suns would lose to a team of myself, Mahatma, Devo, BH and Merloni if we were wearing Spurs jerseys. Is any team more in any other team's head in sports than the Spurs are in the Suns' players heads. The Suns not only blew a 16 point lead Saturday afternoon but then in overtime had a 5 point lead with under 2 minutes to go and still couldn't stop Duncan and company from ultimately winning the game in the 2nd OT. Tonight's whitewashing of the Suns by San Antonio is further evidence that they are utterly confounded by the well coached and brilliant defensive group in black and white jerseys.

(3) Hey, remember when Shaun Alexander was a good player. I know its hard, but actually, in 2o05 Alexander won the freaking MVP over my then boy Tiki. Tiki clearly did more with less talent around him but everyone fell in love with the 1 yard touchdown runs Alexander had instead of the dazzling 30 yard across the field runs of Tiki. Well today Alexander was cut by the Seahawks to make room for the underwhelming Julius Jones. How the mighty have fallen.

(4) What's the deaaaaal with Phillip Hughes?? Seriously though, every scout in America of any stature seems to think this guy is the next great one in this league. I honestly don't see it. His fastball never exceeds 92mph and it doesn't seem to move all that much. He has a nice curveball but I don't see whats so great about him. Joba throws 98-100 on his fastball and throws the most amazing slider I've ever seen. Kennedy was never supposed to be anything more than a 3 or 4 starter so I'm not gonna ride him too much. But Phillip, either throw harder or stop walking people. It's getting old fast.

(5) Props to the NHL. What a great first round. Lord knows hockey is a distant 4th sport in my viewing preference. However, I have to give credit where credit is due, This first round was oustanding. 3 7 game series, the emergence of the next great NHL dynasty (the Penguins) and an exciting and hostile local rivalry (Devils/Rangers) with 3 consecutive thrilling games to end the series. I found myself ignoring my boy Chinny Ming on YES to watch the 2nd period, 3rd period and overtime of tonight's Caps-Flyers showdown. Finally, I can't wait for Mahatma's Pens to beat the obnoxious Rangers and their 3 toothed caveman Sean Avery.


devo said...

1. Confucius say-team with Jason Giambi should not make fun of other bad first basemen.

2. You're damn right we'd beat Phoenix, but only because I have surprisingly Dennis Radaman-like rebounding skills. (As long as their power forward is like 6'0, 160 lbs.)

3. The Giants should hire Shaun Alexander as Reuben Droughns' intern.

White Boy South Bronx said...

I think I killed Giambi enough already its too easy