Friday, April 25, 2008

Twenty-One Games In and other Random Rants

Hi there. In the past couple of weeks, I have been to flying around the country to Florida and California, which is why I've been absent in the blogosphere. I'm back in Jersey though, so now I can talk about the Mets, the Devils (RIP) and whatever else I feel like talking about.
Carlos Delgado and Aaron Heilman
Right now, I think that these two are the main problems for the Mets. Carlos has been in a slump pretty much since game 3 of the season. He says that this slump is different from last year's slump because he's seeing the ball well and swinging the bat well, but he's still not hitting the ball well. I have always liked Carlos, but I need him to start hitting ASAP. Soon, my feelings will go from like to pity, and that's not a good place for a player to be in my mind. Next up, is Aaron Heilman, who has gotten to pity and is well on his way to hatred. I pity him because I know that he wants to be a starting pitcher. I pity him because I know that he will be indefinitely booed at Shea Stadium. I pity and almost hate him because he is sucking so so much right now. He's not even going through a bad patch, he has just kept on sucking from the end of last year until now. Did I mention that I miss Chad Bradford? We'll just have to see how this weekend series with the Braves (boo, hiss, boo) pans out. Two out of three would be nice, boys.
The Rangers begin their 2nd round series against the Penguins tonight, a week after demolishing my Devils. I guess I knew that the Jersey boys would lose this series, based on the way they limped (slid?) to the end of the season and the season series between the two teams. It is always a tough pill to swallow when you lose in the playoffs to your rivals, especially when one of your stars leaves you for said rival in the off-season (hiss, boo, hiss).
Congrats to the New Jersey Nets for not making the playoffs and as a result not inevitably losing in an embarrassing first round to the Celtics.
You should all do yourselves a favor and see Forgetting Sarah Marshall because it has that same raunchy humor that will make guys like it, as well as the cuteness of a chick flick. Nice job, Jason Segal (my FAVORITE freaks of Freaks and Geeks) for writing this one yourself.
I should probably mention that starting tonight, you can all go see the 2nd Harold and Kumar movie, written by two boys from my lovely hometown. I will now admit that I haven't see the 1st Harold and Kumar, but that it is in my queue.
Finally, this weather is beautiful and I am oh so grateful for the warm temperatures and the greenery surrounding me. However, my allergies to pretty much everything flying around outside make it hard for me to enjoy. Those of you that aren't allergic should enjoy nature for me.

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devo said...

1. The dudes in that video need to get a job. I can see them sitting around and writing the song at noon on a Wednesday, bong and Domino's Pizza nearby.

2. The devils didn't skid into the playoffs. They were basically collectively tied to the back of a station wagon and dragged in.