Thursday, April 24, 2008

Round 2: San Jose vs Dallas


In my last series predictions I took the Sharks and Anaheim, and while I was pretty close on one (predicted SJ in 6, they won in 7) I was pretty wrong on the other (predicted Anaheim in 5, Dallas won in 6). So let’s see how I do this time around.

The Sharks are quite the balanced team, and young forward Ryan Clowe is stepping up and leading the team in playoff scoring, and it comes as no shock Joe Thornton is once again not in that spot. If you watched the Sharks-Flames series closely you will have seen the Sharks desperately try and outdo their standard second round playoff choke and attempt it in the first round. Only the ability of Mike Keenan to keep his team from playing at 100% of their ability prevented this.

Dallas on the other hand handily won their series surprising many. Turco had one of the better first rounds of the goalies and the team was able to pull together into a cohesive unit, something they couldn’t seem to consistently do in the regular season. Their best defenseman, Sergei Zubov, has resumed skating and may be back in time for the series. Despite his age Zubov continues to be productive on both ends of the ice.

Dallas wins in 6
I am tempted to predict Dallas in 5, but I think the Sharks are too talented for that. Still they barely managed to beat an underachieving Calgary team, and history shows they absolutely love to lay an egg in the second round. Ron Wilson has also never impressed me as coach. With a tired San Jose and a confident Dallas, I think the Stars are gonna take this one.


The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

fantastic picture at the top of the blog right now.

Mahatma said...

is that a basking shark?

devo said...

I rooted for Dallas last night. Needless to say, I needed a long cold shower when they won.