Friday, April 25, 2008

Newsday beat writer is retarded. Does this make White Boy retarded by association?

Taken from the beat writer mock draft:

Tom Rock from Newsday describes why the Jets should take Matt Ryan over Vernon Gholston:

Watching the Raiders take McFadden, the player the Jets covet most, is one of the reasons they may be itching to climb ahead of Oakland. Here they'll take their second choice and it's not a bad one. Having Ryan in the mix will give them a chance to actively shop veteran Chad Pennington and provide them with a backup plan in case Kellen Clemens doesn't improve from a mediocre 2007. Worst-case scenario two years from now, Clemens is a bonafide starter and the Jets still have Ryan with a strong resale value to dangle in front of other QB-starved teams.

So this is smart. You're giving up on your second round pick from two years ago even though you invested a lot of money in him. You'll now have 3 quarterbacks making tons of money on a team with A LOT of holes.

But my favorite part? The fact that Newsday guy is ok with using their #6 pick as a way to motivate their current QB. And hey, if the current QB becomes good, your #6 pick was used on trade bait! Awesome! Is this guy serious?

Personally, I think the Patriots should take Matt Ryan. Bringing in the local kid and getting rid of Deadbeat Dad will soothe the Puritanical New Englanders.

It's not that I really like or dislike the Jets. But i loathe retarded logic. And this, my friends, is retarded logic.

White Boy, defend your local paper and prove to me that your paper's sports section is better than the Star Ledger.


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I said New York newspaper. Last I checked Newark is not in NY

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Stop ducking the issue, Hillary.