Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Wesley Snipes!

Woody Harrelson, Denzel Washington, and the greatest legal mind of our time, Judge Joe Brown are lending their support to one of the major injustices in the history of a nation that was founded by a bunch of slaveowners who didn't want to pay taxes.

Injustice, you say? The advancement of Hillary Clinton, politician? Nope. Spygate? Nope. Wesley Snipes' tax evasion charges? Absolutely!

The best part of this article has to be the introduction:

Denzel Washington compares Wesley Snipes to a mighty oak tree.

Woody Harrelson views Snipes as a citizen of the world.

Judge Joe Brown casts Snipes as a life traveler serving his fellow man.

Wow, I had no idea that Snipes was so Christ-like in real life. Give em hell boys! And if this leads to an all star tribute (see below) to Wesley with proceeds going towards his legal fund, I'm all for it.

(And if you think this was all an excuse to bring back the 2k1 'what's going on' all star tribute, well, you're not wrong.)


Solo said...

On a totally unrelated note, barstool "stole" your john adams review... for the record, i like yours much better

devo said...

Eh, lord knows I've stolen enough from them...

Solo said...

haha haven't we all?

Anonymous said...