Sunday, August 17, 2008

10 days in Israel and the whole world goes to hell? (Part 1: The Sports Edition)

Some thoughts on the last two weeks or so of sports while trying to get rid of an obscene case of jetlag:

To blatantly steal a style, didn't you used to be the New York Yankees? I have no idea where to begin with this team, and White Boy has covered most of it, but a few thoughts:

A) I don't care how bad Melky has looked at the plate; I don't want to see Brett Gardner playing every day for this team. Brett Gardner, at best, will be the next Dave Roberts. Someone needs to remind Girardi that Roberts sucks at life when he enters a game before the 7th inning. And Brett Gardner will too. That said, Gardner just hit an RBI triple that would've been a single for Giambi.

B) I'm not one for hyperbole, but A-Rod has a chance to become the least clutch player in the history of organized sport to win 2/3 of the triple crown. Coming into today's games, A-Rod is 6 homers behind Carlos Quentin for the AL lead and 14 points behind Baldzilla Pedroia for the AL batting crown. And yet, there's not a less clutch non-Molina hitter in the game. Bizarre. Even Captain Double Play has had more clutch hits this year.

C) Have fun elsewhere next year, Ian Kennedy. Just be happy that Cashman wasn't smart enough to make you endure those shitty Minnesota winters.

2. Brett Favre, New York Jet. Wow. I know this news is older than Dara Torres, but again, wow. A little background about myself; when it comes to the Jets and Mets, I root for them, but I can also laugh at them. Basically, I'm a big fan of these teams doing everything quirky and experimental in an effort to make their teams more watchable. All this is to say that short of signing a midget, this Brett Favre signing is the best I could hope for from the Jets.

3. Going in a complete opposite direction, is there anything weirder than Giants camp this year? Thanks to the Brett Favre show, the Defending Champs are suddenly second fiddle in this town. Weirder than that, I keep asking my dad and White Boy for Giant updates and they pretty much have nothing for me. Eerily quiet for a team that was notorious for having preseason controversy.

a) But I'll say this: what's the deal with our receivers? Plax had a few practices, and is now hurt again. And every time I look at the injury report, it says that Toomer, Smith, and Manningham sat out practice with injuries. With Tyree not leaving the PUP list anytime soon, the Giants starting receivers are starting to look like Sinorice Moss and Michael Jennings. Awesome. It sure smells like a repeat in here.

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