Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 things I've learned while watching the US/Australia Olympic Quarterfinals

1. This US team is good; real good.
Ya think?

2. Time your breakfast carefully. I go and cook some eggs during halftime; after all, it's 845, and I'm hungry. I come back, 3 minutes into the half, and a 12 point halftime lead is now 21 points. Game, Team America.
3. I still hate Jason Kidd. But he's still freakin amazing. Oh, and he actually attempted AND hit a shot tonight. Good for him. Piece of shit.

4. Unemployment is pretty sweet. Tomorow? Wake up with the womens soccer gold medal game. Friday? Wake up with the mens basketball semis. Saturday? Stay up late with White Boy, the Mens Gold Medal Basketball game (2AM) and a booze-filled diary.

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