Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Can Play at This (Olympic) Game: My Top 5 Foreign Hotties

These are the Olympics. All of the athletes look good. Some look better than others. Here are my favorites.

5. Mark Foster

Did this British veteran and flag bearer make it to any event finals? Do we really care?

4.Antonio Rossi

Until the Olympics started last week, I hadn't even heard of Flatwater. Thanks to Signor Rossi, the Italian flag bearer, I wanted to know what it was.

3. Martins Plavins

This Latvian beach volleyballer (?) made a name for himself by beating the Americans with his partner. I like the sand on his arm. Actually, I really just like the arm.

2. Alexandre Despaite.

The Canadian diver (and new Silver Medalist) looks good while he smiles, but looks even better when he does some sort of twisting toe loop (or whatever).

1. Luca Marin

I don't think anyone would be surprised to learn that this Italian swimmer was the center of the love triangle that caused a bit of a ruckus over in Europe. French swimmer Laure Manaudou used to date him, but he's now dating her rival (in the pool and on land) Federica Pelligrini. Good choice girls, good choice.

Who did I miss? Are you upset that I left out the Americans? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know!


devo said...

Uh, you left out the chicks. Other than that, good job.

solo said...

at the very least there's gotta be a suspension levied for this gross misuse of the blogosphere