Friday, August 22, 2008

I've discovered how to jumpstart the Yankees offense: well not really but......

Sign Carlos Zambrano in the off-season and make him the Yankees DH/Starting Pichter. He would play 4 games at DH and then be a starting pitcher every 5th game. This guy is freaking unreal. He has rbis in 7 straight starts; is there any Yankee that has an RBI in even 2 consecutive games? This, my friends, is why the Cubs are good and the Yankees are not; that and the Cubs have Soriano and the Yankees have A-rod, hey remember that trade?!! Oy. Oh, and the Big Z is hitting 361. No Yankee is even hitting 315. Sweeeet :(. Time to play Madden every second of every day until the superbowl champion Giants open up against my Uncle's Redskins.

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