Friday, November 14, 2008

Fredo Picks: Week 11

Time for America's 95th most favorite weekly feature, Fredo Picks! Nice of BH to grace us with his presence this week.

Oakland (+11.5) at Miami

A poet once proclaimed: Miami, city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of Dawn. Pick: Miami
A different poet also once said: Straight from the West, Oakland is the best Baby it's so fresh (Oakland) It's called the Big Bad O, city of players on the go. Pick: Oakland
Poetry is gay. Pick: Oakland

Houston (+9) at Indy

Devo: I can't think that one thing that either of these cities bring to the table. So I'm going with the nice weather. Pick: Houston
Indy has auto racing while Houston got nuked in Independence Day. Pick: Indy
Nice weather is what Houston is known for, right. Pick: Indy

New Orleans (-5.5) at KC
Devo: KC barbeque is real good. But cajun crawfish is even better. Frankly, it's a shame that I have to choose between the two. Pick: New Orleans
Kim Kardashian > Mrs. Brodie Croyle Pick: New Orleans
I call bullshit on Devo ever eating crawfish. ( Editor's Note: Erroneous!) Pick: Nawlins

Detroit (+14) at Carolina
Devo: Apparently a lot of my money is about to go to Detroit. Fuck that. Pick: Carolina
Cheerleaders+Bathroom+Making out > Kid Rock Pick: Carolina
All Detroit does is take and take and take. They are finally going to give something back, their dignity. Pick: Carolina

St Louis (+6.5) at San Francisco
Devo: You know how you know that I'm not a hip hop guru? I kinda like Nelly. Pick: St Louis
Nelly's music is kindof gay. Speaking of which... Pick: San Fran
Bad and worse. I pick worse. I think. (And stop talking shit about Nelly) Pick:St Louis

Arizona (-3) at Seattle
Devo: Weather. Weather. Weather. Pick: Arizona.
Seattle has beatniks who drink coffee while Arizona has Mexicans and old people but the burritos be the shit! Pick: Arizona
When will Elizabeth Hasselbecks brother-in-law get his team in shape? Not this week. Pick: Arizona

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