Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SUS 54th Annual Midseason NFL Awards Part 2 of 2

Coach of the Half Year

Point: You could make a real good argument for Coughlin, but I’ve argued for Giants at nearly every other position, so let’s go elsewhere for this. Generally when a team is 9-0 and you can only name some of their players because they were chased out of New York 5 years ago, the coach deserves some props. Here’s to you, Jeff Fisher.
Counterpoint: You could give it to Rats coach, John Harbaugh or maybe Falcons coach, Mike Smith but at this point, with a backup QB, you got to give it to Jeff Fisher for what he’s got out of the Titans this year. Doe
Final Word: Fisher. Next!

GM of the Half Year

Point: Jeerrrrrrrryyyyyy Reese. Screw you and your impending “homer” chants, if the Cowboys can have 13 pro bowlers, the Giants can run the table on the equally prestigious SUS Half Season Awards. This goes to Reese partly because of the job he did last year, but also for the fact that the Giants lost two great DE’s, their tight end, and are more hungry than ever. Also, seemingly another solid draft with Phillips, 2nd round pick CB Terrell Thomas, 3rd Round pick, Mario Manningham, and 4th round pick Bryan Kehl, all of whom have seen a good amount of action in the last few games.
Counterpoint: HOMER. I’m going with Falcons GM, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff. In one season, he has turned a 4-12 team into a NFC South Playoff contender and has a franchise QB, rebuilt O-line, diverse running attack and quick strike receivers.
Final Word: Fine Dimitroff gets this. But Reese is still the man.

Disappointing Player of the Half Year

Point: LDT, a man who is no longer worthy of sharing initials with the greatest pass rusher of all time and the man who invented the sack category. LDT is on pace for 1100 yards, but most LDT fantasy owners (thankfully, this isn’t me) can tell you that this is the worst 1100 yards ever accumulated. Ironic side note, the winner of this award one year ago: Shaun Alexander. Fantastic company for LDT. Brett Favre would have won this award if anyone actually thought he wouldn’t return to his mid 00’s/Corey Webster form.
Counterpoint: Pro Bowler Derek Anderson. He showed enough last year to warrant a Pro Bowl birth and a new 3 year deal. Oops. He hasn’t been the biggest reason for the Browns to flounder but the QB must go down with that brown, shit-stained ship.
Final Word: Yeah, but Anderson had one good year; LDT had 7.

Disappointing Team:

Point: Is there any doubt about this? Dallas. Dallas. Dallas. Next issue.
Counterpoint: Eh I’m going Cleveland. Dallas at least has injury excuses for their last two losses.
Final Word: Cleveland couldn’t play the injury card, but Dallas was stacked. Cleveland had a fluke year last year.

Surprising Team:

Point: If the Titans were 8-0 with Vince Young re-enacting his Rose Bowl performance every week, then there’s a chance that another team would have won this award, but how can a Kerry Collins-led 8-0 team not get this award?
Counterpoint: Falcons. The Titans were a playoff team last year with Vinsanity and many people even argued Collins was the better QB.
Final Word:
Let’s call this a draw. The Falcons are a surprise, but probably won’t make the playoffs. And if the Falcons make the playoffs, they’re going to lose badly to an NFC East team.

Superbowl Prediction:

Point: Mahatma and I had this conversation a few nights ago, and I think we’re both going to agree that if our prediction of Giants/Steelers comes through, the blog might divide in two with an all-out bidding war for SHMUCK and MissMet.
Counterpoint: Sure why not. I did say this Friday but this was before the Steelers played the Colts and looked like piss in the process. You know damn well it’s going to be the Colts or Patriots once again.
Final Word: Let’s call it Giants/Steelers, and the end of SUS as we know it.

And now some awards not provided by your more “socially accepted” media outlets:

I’ll believe it when I see them lying in a 53 man casket: My near Super Bowl Prediction: Giants/Patriots. In a year when EVERYONE in the AFC has taken a step back, you’re telling me you can’t see Belichek coaching the Patriots to a few wins in the playoffs? Some would say the loss of their offensive and defensive mvps along with 5 running backs might say something differently. Either way, I’m scared.

2 years of greatness doth not a genius make: Can we stop calling Mike Shanahan a great coach at some point in the near future? He’s been nothing but average without John Elway, and even with a great quarterback, his team has a Marino-era-Dolphins like running game and defense.

Somewhere, Drew Bledsoe laughs into his burger: Tony Romo’s season.

The Cinderella award: To Jets fans. But not because of the fairy tale, but because that bad 80’s band wrote Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone, which should be the music for any Chad Pennington Jets montage, regardless of how they do vs the Pats.

But on the bright side...:…the Jets are holding an open competition for the title of ‘high first round bust’ between D’Brickshaw and Gholston.

And for next year: Corey Webster’s going to be a free agent. What are the odds that the Jets try and please Brett Favre by signing him and turning him into a WR?

Didn’t see this coming…oh wait, yes I did: The Norv Turner Chargers, underachieving once more.

But if you talk to the locals, it’s all on his predecessor’s shoulders: Who knew that once Joe Gibbs left D.C., the ‘Skins would do so well…you know, besides most football fans.

What if Philly follows Boston’s lead: The Eagles are coming dangerously close to Super Bowl Contenders.

The Godfather 3 Award: The one year no one has the Panthers as a sleeper team, they become just that.

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