Friday, November 14, 2008

Mahatma's Picks of Death (14-7)

I didn’t win anything last week thanks to an outstanding Steeler offense and for the Tennessee to continue to out bore other teams but I attempt to take the power back this week.

Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks (+3) @ Jacksonville

Ah the dreaded home dog. See I really dislike both teams but again I hate all teams. Jack Del Doucho (tm Yinzer) Is already being classified as a fraud. Shocking. The Jagoffs beat up on the Lions but come on that’s like beating up your blind nephew but nono according to the media, THEY ARE BACK, JACK. Uh no. They aren’t back and the team is imploding from the inside out and they lost to the Bungles! I mean really? Who loses to the Bungles?

The Flaming Thumbtacks are overrated. Where ESPN and everyone is saying Kerry Collins is MVP, I’m saying this team is one and done in the playoffs. Course they should devour teams with weak O-Lines (cough) like the Jagoffs currently have. These two teams played already in the opening weekend where David “Kordell” Garrard and sacked seven times in that game and threw two interceptions to Cortland Finnegan as Tennessee won for the third time in the last four meetings. I look for this trend to continue despite the Jags fighting for their season.

Flaming Thumbtacks - 17
Jacksonville Jagoffs - 13

Chicago Nastys (+3.5) @ Green Bay Cheesers

One of the more marquee matchups of the week as the Bears look to hold on to first place by the slimmest of margins. Kyle Orton might return this week but I see Rex Grossman getting the nod. Rex has played okay so far but come on, it’s Rex Grossman. Here comes the Bears inevitable implosion triggered by UF’s finest. Lovie Smith even said, “I can’t wait for the day when Kyle says he is ready,” Smith said. Way to show confidence in your backup there Lovie. Sorry Bears fans but hey Kelly Gregg is your new closer!

Green Bay – 24
Chicago – 13

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