Thursday, November 13, 2008

White Boy (12-8) Week 12 picks

(1) Giants Stadium PA (-9) at Bungles - Bengals awful, and the Eagles, above average. This even though the Giants have now beaten the city of brother love's beloved team in 4 straight regular season games in the illadelph. McNabb won't have to throw up on (literally) or choke away (figuratively) another last minute drive because AJ Feely will be in by that point. Enough said THE PICK: EAGLES (35-13)

(2) Adrian Petersons (+4) at Rays Football - Is there a worse 6-3 team in NFL history than the 2008 Bucs. It barely beats and was down 21 points at one point to the Cheiftans. Its QB is going to be really good 6 years ago. It's defense is solid but old. Thankfully it gets to play the horrid AFC West for 4 games. The Vikings have disappointed this season overall but got a hyyuuuuge win last Sunday against the hated Bears. Oh Robbie Gould how you disgrace us chosen people! The chalk says to take the dominant home team against a road dome team. However, I have a hunch Tampa is about to go on a bad losing streak the kind the Giants went on to end the 04 and 06 regular seasons. It just isn't a good team. THE PICK: VIKINGS (20-9)

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