Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to Make Of These Jets

Could it be? Are the Jets legitimately a good football team? I checked the papers this morning Devo, so far only one New York team should be checking the weather in Tampa come February because Mangini already has a tee time at Pebble Beach right after New Years.

Because it's not worth winning if you can't win big!

Much credit to the offensive line for Favre going untouched the last 2 games. This was huge considering the beating he was taking from previous weeks before. The Jets are going to need some Favre magic this Thursday in Foxboro. It definitely looks like the offensive line is starting to gel as a unit and it couldn’t come at a better time.

With the defense playing another solid football game Favre wasn’t forced to make any erratic throws. He actually looked comfortable sitting in the pocket waiting for receivers to get open. It was also very nice to see Favre hook-up with Dustin Keller who had 100yds+ receiving and a touchdown.

I don’t care what the mock drafts said earlier this year about how the Jets need Darren McFadden, Thomas Jones has done just fine. He ranks 5th in the league in rushing and has 9 total TD’s scored this season, 8 more than all of last season. He’s starting to run the ball harder and find the holes more. The one-two punch of Jones and Washington is dangerous but if either one goes down with an injury then there is a problem.


The secondary has been the Jets weakness on defense this season. But this is understandable since the Jets are starting rookie Dwight Lowery at LCB. Teams have been exploiting Lowery while throwing away from Kerry Rhodes' direction. Abram Elam has been a bright spot these last 2 weeks replacing Eric Smith. He’s a lot quicker to the ball, not the best tackler but has made two big turnovers that have lead to defensive touchdowns for gang green. You have to wonder, had he been starting the previous 8 games this season if some of the outcomes (OAKLAND) could have been different.

Kris Jenkins is a force to be reckoned with. John Fox must be kicking himself in the face after letting him go for only 3rd and 5th round draft picks. Man might be fat, but he sure as hell ain’t overrated. He along with the rest of the Jets applied pressure all day long. The offensive line had no answer for the Jets pass rush leaving Marc Bulger and Trent Green no time to throw the ball downfield.

Prior to these last two games the Jets had 1 turnover in a 3-game span; these last two weeks the Jets have 8, not too shabby.

Special Teams

Tune in next week when Leon might return a punt or more than 2 kickoffs


Kudos to Brian Schottenheimer for finally listening to his critics and take what the defense(s) gives you. More running plays against weak run defenses tend to work….diiick! And considering Favre is favoring some kind of arm injury it’s good that he’s not throwing the ball more than 30 times a game.

Sutton and Mangini have got the defense in a nice groove. But why were 90% of the starters still in the game come the 4th quarter? If I were the coach and its 40-0 at halftime I’d bench myself. Give Clemens a shot at the ball if he’s still considered the future. Rest the defense especially because of the short week coming up against the Massholes. Other than that it was superb play calling. With Steven Jackson out the Jets didn’t have to put more than 7 in the box to stop the run, they could focus more on the pass and they certainly did that disrupting the Rams QB’s all game.

What’s Next?

Here’s how I see it: Jets win in New England and in Tennessee and the papers will read Jets/Giants Superbowl. Odds of this happening are pretty slim considering the Jets have played well for 2 games in a row while the Pats and Titans have done it consistently throughout the season. Still, if the Jets can go .500 in the next 4 games (NE, TENN, DEN, SF) they will definitley make the playoffs. I don’t know. This team is so unpredictable that they could beat the Titans and Pats and lose the rest of the way. God, it sucks being a Jet fan.

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