Friday, November 14, 2008

A Question and a poll for you, loyal SUS reader

Watching the Jets/Pats game with SHMUCK last night, SHMUCK told me he needed a new Jets jersey, saying that the Chrebet jersey had run its course. So here's my question for you, loyal SUS minion: What jersey should he rock?


MissMet said...

Keller!! Or L. Washington!! Or what the hell, Favre!! That game was fab last night. I'm so glad I watched it all. Congrats on passing the bar! Maybe I should put more exclamations in this comment!

SHMUCK said...

BOOOO Favre jersey, especially the throwbacks. Keller and Washington is intriguing. I was feeling Mangold just because his name is funny. So far I'm leaning towards Revis or Rhodes, maybe David Harris.