Monday, December 22, 2008

Angry White Confused Lazy NFL Viewer Guy

Some people out there, like White Boy, are experts on when a network will be showing a game. All I know is that in the New York area, no games are on opposing channels when the Giants or Jets are playing home games. So with the Giants in the NFC Regular Season Championship at 8 and the Jets on the road at 4, I was excited for the AFC Regular Season Championship to air at 1pm, Steelers/Titans. And if for some reason that game got one-sided? Well I could turn to Pats/Cards or Devils/Flyers. But let's be honest, Pats/Cards had 47-7 written all over it, and who watches hockey on a December Sunday? So I turn on the CBS, and what do I see but a goddamn infomercial! Come on, you're telling me that on this day in which the AFC Regular Season Championship game isn't obstructed by the Jets or Giants, the powers that be have left us with nothing but the Patriots in a romp? It's week 16! It's the fantasy football championship and Free Harris Smith has a game! And I know what you're saying, Hey, Angry White Confused Lazy NFL Viewer Guy, get off your ass, and go to a sports bar. Well ya know what? There's some days when I'm too goddamn lazy and broke to go to a sports bar. So screw you, screw the NFL for deciding that Steelers/Titans isn't an important game.

To the powers that be in the NFL league offices: If you do this like 24 or 25 more times, I swear to Allah, I'm moving to Canada. Angry White Confused Lazy NFL Viewer Guy, over and out.

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White Boy South Bronx said...

I really hate Lou Dobbs and the way NFL fucks over NY area