Friday, December 26, 2008

Mahatma drags himself away from the mall long enough to pick football games (20-13)

Tennessee Towel Stompers (+3) at Indianapolis Colts

Fuck the titans. Myron Cope will curse them. Except not this week. Colts rest Peyton WoManning and crew and the Thumbtacks win again.

Titans - 27
Colts - 10

Jacksonville Jagoffs (+12.5) @ Baltiwhore Ratbirds

The Jags were supposed to be good and in the playoffs. They are neither. Ironically, enough the Ravens were supposed to be bad and not in the playoffs. Shockingly, they are in the playoffs with a win. Sorry but no way this team gets that many points against still a quality D in the Jags. Still I see the Rats getting in.

Baltimore - 24
Jacksonville - 21

Must get more jersey tshirts...toodles!


devo said...

Clearly the 12 year olds at the mall have your undivided attention.

Mahatma said...

I thought you'd stop making jokes about 12 yr olds devo...

White Boy South Bronx said...

yea fuck that lets go for the 8 year olds