Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An honest question from an ignorant jew

Ok, so we in Western Civilization have a calendar that is based on the birth of Jesus, right? If that is the case, shouldn't Jesus' birthday be on January 1? One theory that has come to light: a jewish person I know said that he got circumsized on January 1 and that has something to do with it. And then my girl Julie said that Jesus was born in the summer, possibly sharing a July 4th birthday with George Steinbrenner and America. For what it's worth, I think she was confused: Jesus was born in summer-LIKE conditions, as the Middle East in December feels like Canada in August.

But more importantly, can someone please provide an explanation as to why January 1 isn't Christmas? Looking your way, Solo. Though if anyone else has an answer or a funny theory, please step forward.


The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

Thats how the pagans rocked it, and christianity is a gussied up calendar of pagan holidays. Christmas was the winter solstice festival before big JC walk'd da earf. The 12-month system was a Roman or Greek thing, I believe.

devo said...

Oh. That's retarted. So you're basically saying it is so because a bunch of dudes got together and made it so?

Mahatma said...


A retarded person's way of spelling the word "retarded."

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

welcome to the world of religion devo. "traditions" come from a bunch of guys getting drunk and saying "we should do this a few regularly scheduled times a year!"