Monday, December 22, 2008



Don Sutton – You’re fired! Blitz you fool.

Eric Mangini – You’re fired! Talk about a 180. To go from great to shit in under a month is ridiculous. You punt the ball on the 35 and don't even try to give Feely a chance at another attempt. You've lost the edge my friend. Belichek is laughing at you somewhere

Laverneus Coles – Trade him, drop him, and send him back to Pennington. He complains that he’s not the focal point of the team. He was good back when Parcells was the coach. He is no longer a #1 WR, get rid of the punk

Bubba Franks – What a waste of a $1 million, gone

Eric Barton – Can’t cover the TE and sometimes acts like an immature rookie. RELEASE!!

Brett Favre – I hope he retires for good before Tannenbaum starts to build around him. He’s done. If anything he helped the Jets sell a few more Jersey’s

Brian Schottenheimer – Sometimes you’re as bad as Rich Kotite

Shaun Ellis – Unless the Jets are converting back to a 4-3 I say release him. He’s lost a few steps


HIRE BILL COWHER…..LET’S GET PHYSICAL!!!! At least this man has had some success with the 3-4 defense. Plus I would totally buy a fake mustache, paint that shit green and watch every home game with it on.

Anquan Boldin – A physical #1 WR who’s not afraid to go over the middle along with Cotchery.

Terrell Suggs – A DE who can actually rush the quarterback.
Romeo Crennell - Get back to defense bud

DRAFT – They need depth at D line, they need another corner opposite Revis, a better safety along with Rhodes and if Favre is back next year they need a big physical wide-out, someone who stands out in double coverage (not Coles on 4th and 4).
This is a lousy recap but its just aggravating watching the Jets go from bad to worse. So what can they expect next year at quarterback?
Favre - Obviously if he stays the front office will sign more players on offense to succeed. I say that's bullshit, just get rid of him.
Clemens - Another season under his belt and less playing time to go with it. He was once considered the future but now has become a waste on the bench.
Ainge - Looked good in pre-season but he already has injury issues
Cassell - For the love of GOD please do not try and attempt to sign this bum. That's all the Jets need, spend more money and overpay another underachieving player.
Ratliff - eh?
Michael Vick - woof
Alex Smith - I think I'd rather have Favre
Devo - The next Jay Fiedler
Mahatma - Still recovering from an ACL injury, the first ever recorded in all of flag football. He's done
Overall this team is just soft. They exploit their oppositions weaknesses in the first quarter but never make the adjustments in the second half. How many times have the Jets gone scoreless in the 2nd half? I don't know, I don't want to know. It's one thing to get flat out beaten and overplayed, that I can accept and be ok with. It's being outsmarted by weaker and less talented opponents that bugs the shit out of me (Oakland, San Fran, Seattle). They just flat out suck and should be ashamed of themselves. End of story, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs. The Patriots or Broncos/Chargers would love to play the Jets in the first round of the playoffs. Ugh, I hate my life


devo said...

"Michael Vick-woof" Well done.

I'm waiting for you bitches to ruin this season by beating Miami and basically doing just enough to allow New England to get into the playoffs and fuck shit up.

The Yinzer said...

You WANT Bill Cowher as your coach?! You know not what you say my friend.

SHMUCK said...

do you really think the same scenario the Jets have fallen into would of happened under Cowher? I don't think so. With Callahan calling the offense and Cowher with Crennel on defense I believe makes the Jets better contenders next season

devo said...

Jet fans would give their left testicle to lose as many AFC Championship games as Cowher.

White Boy South Bronx said...

why not the right?