Thursday, December 25, 2008

Week 17 Picks (15-13): Live from the home of the 2008 AFC East Champions

Lets just say if I was referring to the Jets, I would need not say I was "live from the home..." because that is where I live. Therefore, unless I decided to go on vacation to shitown up north, I must be referring to the Chad Pennington lead Miami Dolphins. Anyway, here we go............

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills (+7)- Call it a hunch. Call it a premonition. Call it hoping against hope that I get to go to a sports bar here in Miami for a Jets/Dolphins virtual play in game. Either way, Matt Casell has not proven that he is a lock to play well every week. This Pats team has been very similar to the Giants of last year's regular season. It has won 2/3 of its game but has lost those 5 in ugly fashion. I can't just assume the Pats will walk into Buffalo and beat the same team that just embarrassed the should be AFC West champion Broncos. I just think the Bills will be motivated to eliminate the Pats and that Cassell will have one final crash back down to earth before he takes over as the Lion's franchise QB. THE PICK: BUFFALO (To win outright 17-13)

New York Giants (+6) at Minnesota Vikings- So we got nothing to play for. I know this. I also know that Minnesota has a bad history of December choke jobs. However, I aslo know that Darren Sharper owns Eli's soul. However, I see a Steelers vs Bills 04 scenario unfolding here (Willie's breakout game.) A great team that is deep beating a team who is tight as a drum in its own stadium. Also, New York has won its last 2 games there as this has been a largely away dominated series historically. My guess is the Giants win a close game that is fairly low scoring.
THE PICK: NEW YORK GIANTS (To win outright 21-17)

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