Friday, December 26, 2008

The Brooklyn Hillbilly barely survives the year. His Week 17 picks.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh(-11, 33)
It doesnt matter what the line is, take the Steelers. Time to spend the next two weeks getting ready to score 13 points in the second round of the playoffs. Lets just hope the D only gives up 10. Steelers defeat the mighty Stains 27-10.

Denver at San Diego(-8, 50)
Denver is that bad and San Diego is rolling that well, thats what this line tells me. Look, I love the Broncos, but the immense choke job of the last 2 weeks is unforgivable. Neither of these teams really deserves to get to the playoffs, but apparantly one of them has to. I go with the mo'. Better luck next year Jay. San Diego euthanizes the Broncos season 31-28.

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