Saturday, December 20, 2008

Devo's Week 16 Picks (15-15)

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like Derek Jeter, lead by example. Others, like Michael Strahan lead by being the vocal type. And others, like yours truly, lead by spending their two picks on the Detroit and Miami games. Why Detroit and Miami? Well, we at Fredo picks can only make so many jokes about Detroit being a shitty town in need of a bailout and Miami having hot women. I'm just going to assume that Mahatma's and BH's thank you notes are in the mail.

Onto the picks!

Miami (-3.5) over KANSAS CITY

Here's my question with Kansas City. Herm Edwards seemingly manages to give an inspirational speech after every game. So while Herm is telling his team why they play, what do you tell your team after a tough loss to a tissue-soft San Diego Chargers team? What do you tell your guys when you get outcoached by Norv Turner? And not for nothing, but isn't being outcoached by Norv Turner's Chargers kind of like losing a mob war to the Corleones, only if Fredo was boss? Was there even a postgame speech, or was there just an unspoken agreement between players and coach that the less said, the better? Miami won't blow Kansas City out, but they'll show up. That by itself should be enough for a 4 point win.

Miami 17
Kansas City 13

DETROIT (+7) over New Orleans

Look, Detroit is not going 0-16. I'm not going to sit here and say that with a few lucky breaks they'd be a playoff game, but 16-0 just isn't the sort of thing that happens. And how will Detroit defeat New Orleans, you ask? Well, if Detroit shuts down the running game, forces Brees into a few timely interceptions and takes advantage of a defense so bad that you'd think it was coached by Herm Edwards, then Detroit could possibly pull-eh, ya know what? No, no Detroit can't.
Correction: New Orleans (-7) over DETROIT
Drew Brees will throw for a Peyton Manning-meaningless 400 yards and this won't be close. Maybe Detroit gets 21 points. Congrats.

New Orleans 52
Detroit 21

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