Friday, December 19, 2008

week 16 picks (15-11)

Philadelphia (-5.5) at Washington-

Washington has completley fallen apart. I told Devo throughout the season that this team was a fraud and indeed it is/was. Its QB and its entire offense has been steadily collapsing and its defense, while talented, always does just enough to lose. Philly is going the other way. It has been red hot and is playing great on both sides of the ball. Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid have discovered that if you run the ball 30-35 times with a superstar back, people are open when you pass the ball. Philly will dominate this game on both sides of the ball. Case closed. THE PICK: EAGLES (28-9)

Carolina Panthers (+3) at New York Giants -

The Panthers team is hot. Its defense is very talented and, while not overwhelming opposing offenses, it is hitting the quarterback and doing enough to win each and every game. The Giants suddenly has reverted to its 2006 ways. It is doing just enough to lose every game and has forgot how to tackle. Pierce is lost. His head is not in the game. That won't work well against the best little receiver in the game Steve Smith. Speaking of Steve Smith, our Steve Smith needs to start getting open more as does Amani "well dressed"Toomer and Dominick "I'm not Plaxico" Hixon. Yea I'm already bitter after a two game losing streak. But seriously, my confidence is shot. Smith should have a field day as should the duo of Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart against our possibly Fred Robbins less front 7. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see this ending well. THE PICK: PANTHERS (21-18)

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