Saturday, December 20, 2008



Here are some interesting facts: Jets are 0-3 on the west coast so far and 1-5 when they don’t play at 1:00pm. Great! Now they travel to “I want to kill myself because of all this rain” Seattle (also called False Start Qwest Field) and the kick off is @4. And to make matters worse it’s Mike Holmgren’s farewell game as Seattle’s head coach so you can imagine that all the Seahawk players are going to be fired up and will give it their best for him and their last home game of this season. All-in-all it’s not looking to bright for the Jets. Last week they barely escaped with a win against a Bills team on the steady decline. As a Jet fan I am letting personal feelings getting in the way of my pick here. If Mangini wants a job he better have his team ready tomorrow or I can guarantee you he’s on the hot seat all next season and will be the first coach fired.

Jets 30, Seahawks 20


The Jets and Dolphins will be watching this game closely. A loss by the Patriots makes their matchup next week even more important; the winner will decide who wins the AFC East. If Jets win against Seattle and the Dolphins they clinch. If Jets lose today and Patriots lose, Miami will need to win and beat the Jets next week. Complicated? Not really, the Jets just better fucking win that’s all.
Anquan Boldin might be out for this game which hurts the Cardinal passing attack. This game still will be an offensive juggernaut with both offenses having lots of success with the pass. Patriots are probably going to finish 11-5 along with the Dolphins and not make the playoffs (soooo great!). Patriots win this won by 10

Patriots 41, Arizona 31